Know-how and investments in R&D enabled Rastelli Raccordi to introduce a new zinc-coat that assures superior technical performance and  consideration of environmental issues at the same time without stooping to compromises.

Salt-spray test results confirm such an outstanding performance :
Resistance more than 1000 hours to red rust
and more than 500 hours to white rust

Free from nickel, chrome and cyanide, Rastelli Raccordi’s zinc plating is a responsible choice for people and environment.

In order to cope with metal corrosion issue the market opted for different solutions: initially burnish phosphatization, then passivation with yellow hexavalent chrome whose usage has been forbidden by European Regulation on 18/09/2000 and following modifications. This regulation led to look for new solutions able to keep unchanged or even enhance corrosion resistance. Therefore some manufacturers adopted grey/black zinc nickel plating, while Rastelli Raccordi  adopted trivalent white zinc plating plus passivation and film fixation, simply called Alkaline Zinc Plating, eco-friendly and able to increase resistance three times as much as normal zinc plating.

Alkaline Zinc Plating is internally realized by modern plants in compliance with REACH EC 1907/206 and UE CE 30-31 regulations.

The new ZINC ALKALINE PLATING process includes a bath of cyanide-free zinc plating and a cobalt-free passivation that uses silicon parts nanotechnology: the former guarantees a uniform distribution of the zinc coat made more ductile and resistant to tensions, the latter provides the fitting with tighter zinc coat than normal treatments do.  Finally the passivated zinc plating is reinforced by the final sealing process.

Salt-spray test, run according to regulations ASTM B 117/97 – DIN 50021 SS – UNI ISO 9227 NSS, measured a resistance of more than 1000 hours to red rust and of more than 500 hours to white rust.