The use of this technology, which has long been requested in the automotive market, provides indisputable advantages against corrosion which is one of the major problems of additional costs caused by maintenance and replacement of damaged components, which includes plant downtime and recovery times. In fact, the rapidity of corrosion expansion requires constant monitoring of the functional state, particularly in the presence of chemical substances, saline substances, fertilizers and humid environments with high temperatures.

The use of fittings with the Zi-Ni TOTAL SCREEN (RRTS) treatment, due to its high resistance and flexibility, allows the assembly patterns to be kept totally unchanged. In fact, the tests confirmed the lack of corrections to the parameters normally released for assembly and total compatibility with components with different treatments.

Maintaining high attention to the environmental impact that has been consolidated for years in all our activities, in fact our entire internal cycle from mechanical workshops to packaging has been extensively developed with respect for the environment so much so as to obtain UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, our team of engineers, in cooperation with the experts in the research and development department and in the zinc-plating treatment plants, have developed the new Zi-Ni TOTAL SCREEN (RRTS) system tested for all our products.
The new Zi-Ni TOTAL SCREEN (RRTS) system is based on a new electrolytic technology free of hexavalent chromium and cobalt, thus falling within the European standards EU2000/53/EC and the integrated legislation for the registration, evaluation and authorization of chemical substances REACH according to 1907/2006/EC and, to the regulations for restrictions on the use of RoHS chemical substances according to 2002/95/EC.
The zero environmental impact galvanic systems specially created at our headquarters in Villanterio (PV) with a combination of high-tech processes including cleaning, stratification, passivation and sealing, has allowed us to obtain a performance with truly exceptional results.

The metallographic section shown here highlights the uniformity of the thicknesses
over the entire surface.

The surprising result of the new Zi-Ni TOTAL SCREEN (RRTS) treatment was consolidated with an improved and homogeneous distribution capacity of the protective layer obtained within a wide spectrum of current densities, guaranteeing stability of the result over time and, thus exponentially improving the resistance to corrosion and not to be underestimated also the aesthetic aspect with a light and shiny color.
The high penetration capacity of the bath guarantees electrodeposition at every point even in the internal areas of the fitting. The result is a greater thickness in the areas that have always been most critical, i.e. in the areas with low current density.

The subsequent passivation and sealing phase have made it possible to achieve technical performance and resistance to red corrosion that are significantly higher than normal standards, in fact according to UNI ISO 9227 we have largely exceeded 3,000h.
We conclude the tests by carrying out and obtaining positive results in the tests according to SAE J 234 (60 cycles) and ISO (12 weeks).